The group aims at total quality in its activity. Its approach consists of:

– Specifying clear objectives in order to target the actions and to increase the relevance of the decisions;

– Diagnosing the capacities and the means in order to elucidate the points of support and to identify the true gaps;

– Presenting a broad range of scenarios of development, thus enriching the process of choice;

– Using the multi-criteria methods of analysis and benchmarking to release the best alternatives;

– Proposing action plans taking into account the prevailing context and inertias which can exist;

– Putting at the disposal of the persons, in charge of the implementation of the action plan, a set of reliable indicators for follow-up and evaluation allowing them to bring the corrective measures in time where necessary.

The culture of 3E is not based only on the Quality assurance with respect to its clients but also on the quality requirement with respect to itself, its ambition being to become the leader in its field of competence.

3E is certified ISO 14001 & ISO 9001.
3E maintains a Quality Management Policy to ensure we continuously attain improved customer satisfaction, a stable customer base and improved efficiency; identifying problems early and rectifying them to minimize costs.
3E is also committed to environmental best practice in office management and general operations. The concentration in environmental policy and management examines the relationship between business and the natural environment, including human health and safety as well as addressing a range of policy issues.

3E Group has an established Quality System certified ISO 9001: 2015. The Certification has been issued on 2016 and released by QCS Management Systems Certification.


Aware of the dangers from environmental problems, 3E has established on 2016 its updated Environmental Management System, according to the requirements set forth by ISO 14001:2015 released by QCS Management Systems Certification


3E is corporate member of the USGBC since 2009, and has LEED AP experts as team members.


3E is GSAS Service Provider for various GSAS Typologies such as: Buildings, Healthcare, Parks and Districts…


3E is certified grade A environmental consultant