2. Environment

Environmental studies:

3E is a market-leading consulting firm providing diverse solutions in water, environment, sustainability, health and safety… We are able to combine expertise and local knowledge with global reach and experience.
In a high-carbon emission economy and poor resources, our goal is to drive debate, influence policy, and shape development.

We offer consulting solutions in the following areas:

  • Climate change
  • Compliance with permits,
  • Contaminated soils and remediation,
  • Health and safety solutions,
  • Planning and evaluation of the impact on the environment,
  • Waste and resource management.


3E has solid experience and many references with local authorities, industries and companies in the following areas:

  • Environmental monitoring: design, implementation and management of environmental monitoring
  • Air quality: master plans for managing ambient air quality, indoor air quality diagnoses, source control
  • Water quality: water quality management plans, water audit, ..
  • Noise quality: sound nuisance monitoring, noise control, noise pollution studies
  • Climate change: inventories of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction plans, etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: assessment of the potential positive or negative impact of a project on the environment, including environmental, social and economic aspects.
  • Decontamination studies: supply of specialized decontamination programs
  • Environmental Construction Management Plans: A comprehensive program of management and control of all environmental aspects of the project during construction stages.
  • Waste and Resources Management Plan
  • Management plan for the operational phase of the project


Economy and water management:

  • Water treatment
    – Water softening systems (reverse osmosis, demineralization, etc.): Feasibility study, engineering study, implementation and monitoring of desalination and water softening projects.
    – Water treatment: Feasibility studies, engineering studies, implementation and monitoring of water treatment projects.
    – Curative treatments of water (descaling, disinfection, etc.): Feasibility studies, engineering studies, set up and monitoring of curative water treatment projects.
  • uses
    – Wastewater management
    – Audits of water systems
  • Optimization
    – Industries, water distribution networks