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3E is a Tunisian Engineering Company specialized in the fields of energy and the environment, having an experience of more than 15 years. Rich of the know-how of its members in renewable energies and technologies of energy efficiency, 3E constitutes an original framework of complementarity, multidisciplinarity, professionalism and diversity.

3E relies on a large team of Senior experts, as well as an external wide network of National and International consultants.

3E services
Primary lines of contractor’s current business:

3E is a market leading consultancy providing water, environmental, sustainability and health and safety solutions. We are able to combine local expertise and knowledge with global reach and experience. In a resource-constrained, low carbon economy, it is our aim to lead debate, influence policy and shape development.

We provide consulting solutions in the areas of: Climate Change and Renewable, Compliance and Permitting, Contaminated Land and Remediation, Corporate Sustainability, Health and Safety Solutions, Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainable Development, Waste and Resources Management and Water Environment. 

3E has achieved many environmental studies especially in Qatar and has become familiar with local regulations and Qatari environmental standards.

3E has a strong experience and many references with local authorities, industries and companies in the following fields:

Environmental Monitoring: design, set up and management of environmental monitoring

Air Quality: Air quality management master plans, indoor air quality diagnostics, sources control

  • Water Quality: Water Quality management plans, water auditing, …
  • Noise Quality: Noise monitoring, noise control, noise pollution studies
  • Climate Change: Greenhouse gases emission inventories and reduction plans etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: assessment of the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed project may have on the environment, together consisting of theenvironmental, social and economic aspects.
  • Decontamination studies: providing of specialist decontamination programs
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans 

3E has the capabilities and expertise to provide the following services:

  • Environmental monitoring and management protocols
  • Resource management
  • Habitat mapping and evaluation
  • Drop down video survey
  • Aquaculture and environmental management
  • Hydrographic and oceanographic surveys biological monitoring
  • Sediment profile imagery (SPI)
  • Ecological sampling and data analyses
  • Monitoring studies for oil and gas industry
  • Studies and surveys related to domestic, municipal and industrial effluent discharges
  • Pre and post impact surveys on dredge-spoil disposal sites
  • Wave climate studies for environmental and engineering purposes
  • The application of high technology developments in monitoring and environmental survey
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Offshore Wave Climate
  • Near-shore Wave Transformation
  • Hydrodynamic Modelling

Energy auditing is one of the activities that 3E master the most. We’ve already performed more than 100 energy audits for public and private sectors in Tunisia, Qatar and African countries.

During more than 10 years, 3E group has audited several sites belonging to the industrial field, tertiary field and building sector.

Our methodology consists on treating every new audit in a particular way in order to offer to our customers the appropriate and adequate solutions to their situations and needs and so to guarantee a maximum of energy saving.

3E relies also on a wide range of experts and engineers qualified in different fields. The group is well equipped to ensure, in an efficient way, all the audits it undertakes and does not hesitate to acquire, as needed, new equipments to honor its commitments.

3E counts among its references for energy audits ministries, embassies, industrial groups, and hotels. 

Sustainability is what we do, and has been central to our operations and client offerings for many years. As part of the company’s strategy, we are placing even greater emphasis on sustainability to ensure it is embedded in every part of our business.

Our mission is to contribute in making projects more environment-friendly and creating a better society.

Main goals of our work are: 

  • Developing sustainable design
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable construction materials
  • Promoting sustainable project management approaches

3E is offering consultancy services for:

  • Sustainable design consultancy for LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environment Design.
  • Sustainable design consultancy for Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS).
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3E Group has an established Quality System certified ISO 9001: 2015. The Certification has been issued on 2016 and released by QCS Management Systems Certification.

Aware of the dangers from environmental problems, 3E has established on 2016 its updated Environmental Management System, according to the requirements set forth by ISO 14001:2015 released by QCS Management Systems Certification

3E is corporate member of the USGBC since 2009, and has LEED AP experts as team members.

3E is GSAS Service Provider for various GSAS Typologies such as: Buildings, Healthcare, Parks and Districts…

3E is certified grade A environmental consultant